Of all the gifts universe bestows upon you, best is to be able to paint your own reality

About Me

An artist by sheer passion, software engineer by profession. Since childhood, always loved playing with colors and random murals emerged; sometimes as twisted as my emotion, sometimes as pure and playful as the child in me, and rest of the time as free and wild as my soul.

In the process of chasing life and ambition, lost touch of art for almost 10 years and life was as grey as it could be without the splash of colors. Life has a way of reviving the forgotten talents and here I am, playing again with my lost love, more passionately than ever before; exploring the wonders of the world, capturing all the memories in my heart and letting it all scatter on my canvas. The process is very meditative to me, where I focus on each pixel/dot and getting it right to my satisfaction. Collectively, the dots make a complete painting, but individually some break me and some make me. Every brush stroke reshapes, revives and rejuvenates me, and everyday a new me is evolving in the process.

This process helps me to add a little more magic to my own and all life around me, thriving to stay positive, hopeful and bold under all circumstances.

I create surreal contemporary art by blending human expressions and elements of nature to express the subconcious mind and  its deep rooted emotions and desires.